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Smartway2 - desk/room booking software

Smartway 2 Desk/Room Booking Software

Stanburys Ltd is a distributor of room/desk booking software – Smartway2.

Smartway2 offers workplace scheduling solutions to facilitate agile working in the workplace.

Smartway2 is simple to use and provides a web interface for room and desk booking to ease the return to work that is facing us all.

Smartway2 is a cloud-based resource management tool for booking meeting rooms, desks, and other space types.

Smartway2 runs on Amazon Web Services, allowing the solution to easily scale to meet the requirements of any size of workplace. Dedicated apps are available to run on iOS, Android tablets, and smartphones. Customers can either purchase these tablets directly from Smartway2 or install the app on their own device. An accompanying smartphone app allows users to see nearby room availability and book on the go. The solution is based on an annual fee for each desk or room included, so there is unlimited user access to staff, via a corporate branded app.

For desks, Smartway2 enables users to check-in by scanning a QR code, NFC, or Bluetooth, via the mobile device, kiosk, or desk hardware. Spaces can be programmed to ensure they are booked for the appropriate use.

Smartway2 Desk Booking

Interactive Graphical Desk layouts are accessible via the Web Portal and Touch Screen Kiosks, allowing users to locate a colleague and book an adjacent desk with a single click or tap.

The Smartway2 Mobile App is designed with you in mind giving you ease of use and the ability to utilise our mobile booking technology whilst you are on the move, sitting at your desk, or working from home. In fact, wherever you are, the Smartway2 Mobile App brings power to your fingertips, allowing you to book your desk, a meeting room, and any additional services you might require.

The Smartway2 Mobile App is compatible with Android, and iOS operating systems, meaning you are free to select a smartphone of your choice.

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