Thermographic Services

Thermographic Services

FLIR B620/B660 Thermal Imaging Camera

Stanburys employ the complete range of FLIR® Thermographic cameras.  The FLIR® P620, our top model, has an image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is 307,200 pixels or the equivalent of using 307,200 infrared thermometers at the same time.  The IR camera has built-in logic and analytics that allows the comparison of measured temperatures with user-supplied temperature data relative to the ambient conditions and materials.

It also has digital I/O interface so a differential temperature can be used for alarm / control functions. A FLIR® IR camera is a calibrated thermographic instrument capable of accurate non-contact temperature measurements. Infrared radiation is not detectable by the naked eye, but IR cameras can convert it into a visual image that depicts thermal variations across an object or scene. Typically, temperature measurement precision is ±2°C or better.

Typical automated applications using IR cameras for process temperature monitoring and control include monitor:

  • Production where contact temperature measurements pose problems
  • Environmental, machine, and safety monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring as a proxy for other variables
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Critical Vessel Monitoring (CVM)
  • Discrete parts manufacturing

FLIR T600 Series Thermal Imaging Camera
A key role is for Energy efficiency audits for plant insulation, building envelopes using latest IR Camera Technology. Produce Comprehensive Reports, with recommendations where applicable. Using Thermal Imaging as part of maintenance regime we can:

  • Reduce costly reactive maintenance
  • Compliment planned maintenance work
  • Approved non-intrusive testing technology

FLIR T600 Series Thermal Imaging Camera

Pipe or Critical Vessel Monitoring (CVM) temperature of a vessel and its contents are critical. The vessels could be used for chemical reactions, liquid heating, or merely storage. Large vessels, pose problems, for example  non-uniform temperatures throughout a vessel and across its surface. This would require a large number of contact type sensors, whose installations can become quite costly. PC software allows the selection of spot temperature, points or areas.

All types of leakage, blocked pipes and faulty insulation will clearly show up. Thermal imaging also gives valuable information about the condition of pipe, tube and valve insulation.

Thermal Imaging Example Thermal Imaging Example Thermal Imaging Example Thermal Imaging Example
Inspection of the condition of the insulation material surrounding pipework can be crucial.

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