Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

Leica Time of Flight Scanner HDS 3000This is Stanburys preferred scanner for any long range scanning. The Leica Time of Flight Scanner HDS 3000 is a versatile, multi-purpose scanner that combines high efficiency with high accuracy for a broad range of civil engineering, process plant and building projects. The full-field-of-view HDS 3000 is the first “surveyor-friendly” 3D laser scanner and makes high-definition field data capture easy and efficient for a wide range of surveying and engineering projects. There are many characteristics of the HDS 3000 that set it apart from other instruments in its class, including:

  • Maximum 360° x 270° field-of-view
  • Unique dual-window design
  • Fully selectable field-of-view and scan density
  • Bore-sighted digital camera for automatically calibrated photo overlays
  • <6 mm spot size @ 50 m
  • 6 mm positional accuracy @ 50 m
  • Height-of-instrument (H.I.) measurement
  • Setup over survey point
  • QuickScan™ button

The Leica HDS3000, high-definition scanner is for surveyors and measurement professionals. It supports standard surveying procedures, such as instrument setup – survey point, height-of-instrument measurement, and instrument orientation. These same features are also valuable for automated geo-referencing of captured data to local coordinate systems.

The HDS3000′s ease-of-use takes the industry-leading accuracy (6mm at 50m) and versatility of its popular predecessor, the Cyrax® 2500, to the next level of productivity. It combines SmartScan Technology™ with a maximum 360° horizontal field-of-view and an equally impressive maximum 270° vertical FOV.

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