Close Range Scanning

Close Range Scanning

Faro Arm Scanner - Heritage Scanning

Faro Arm Scanner - Heritage Scanning
Using the FARO Fusion Arm Stanburys are able to create 3D models of pipe assemblies, structural objects or equipment using high precision laser arm scanning. These models can then be rendered accordingly.

The FARO Laser-Scan Arm facilitates contact and non-contact measurements in one operation. It is perfectly adapted to CAD comparisons, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D modelling, clash detection, crack propagation monitoring and deflection, alignment or distortion which can be periodically monitored.

Reverse engineering allows us to create virtually anything we can touch. To record and reproduce real items, they are digitized and displayed as fully surfaced CAD models using our 3D measurement technology. The Scan Arm combines the portable 7-axis FARO measurement arm with a laser sensor.

Stanburys FARO Arm Laser-Scanner has an accuracy of up to ± 0.086mm at a range of 2.4 metres of arm length with repeatability accuracy on rescans of 0.051mm. This means we can accurately measure prismatic features with the arm’s hard probe, then laser scan sections requiring larger volumes of data (up to 19 200 points per-second).

The FaroArm renders traditional CMM, hand tools and other portable CMM’s obsolete and can scan more than 19,200 points per second.

NDT inspection and providing measurement reports are essential in today‘s lean manufacturing environment. They help reduce production waste and losses or down time due to non-conformance. Precise alignments of any machine, fixture or part can make all the difference in the quality of the finished product.

All the checks that need to be made during the creation of or maintenance of a component or assembly now occur in real time. As a result, any inaccuracies can be detected and corrected immediately as opposed to being discovered later during quality assurance which is less accurate and efficient.

Applications in:
Aerospace: Reverse Engineering, Certification, Part Inspection ▪ Process: Tool Building & Certification, Alignment, Part Inspection ▪ Metal Fabrication: OMI, First Article Inspection, Periodic Part Inspection ▪ Process Plants, Mould and Die Inspection, Prototype Part Scanning : Heritage and artefact scanning.

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