EMIS.Biz® Software for Managing Space, Facilities & Property Asset Data

EMIS.Biz® is our award winning software used in the estate management sector for managing space, facilities and property data. Emis.Biz® has been created, developed and produced by Stanburys prodominately for the Defence Market. It provides a cost effective management solution for managing space, facilities and property asset data from 1 to 1,000’s of buildings. Fully integrated modules coupled with interactive graphics, drawings, plans, photographs and reports are all accessed through a user-friendly customisable interface. Emis.Biz® can be linked to other corporate systems to share information.

The core components of Emis.Biz®:

  • Space Information Management Reporting
  • Advanced Lease Management Module with built-in
  • Occupancy Management Tracking Module
  • Finance/Budgeting Module
  • Site Data and Document Module
  • Cleaning/Performance Module
  • H & S Risk Management Module
    • - Fully interactive asbestos risk and inspection register
    • - Legionnaire/risk hazard locations
    • - Fire Device Location reporting.
  • 3D Modelling
  • Asset & Maintenance Management Interrogation Tools & Reports
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Condition and Sustainability Surveying and Monitoring
  • Services and Cable Tracking
  • Party Wall Management
  • Asset Management, including PPM & life-cycle costings
  • Energy Managment *NEW MODULE*

Stanburys compliment EMIS.Biz® software by providing the following services:

  • Secure Server Hosting with Balance Bandwidth for Emis.Biz® Software.
  • Surveying using the latest survey equipment and technology, including advanced 360 spherical photographic products and High Definition Laser Scanners.
  • CAD Services producing detailed floor plan, elevation and topographical drawings which can feed directly into the Emis.Biz® software.
  • Implementation and population of all Emis.Biz® modules, to client specification, utilising data already captured, where possible.
  • Full training and telephone support.
  • Support and Maintenance of Emis.Biz® related software and data capture.